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About Me….

  • my name is JoAnna…pronounced joh-awn-uh. a lot of people mispronounce my name, so i answer to jo- and occasionally frank!
  • i am an Army Brat, Army veteran, and Army wife
  • i love my family (one husband, two kids, and two cats)…don’t always like them but always love them (i’m pretty sure they feel the same)!
  • i currently live in monterey, california…although, I call north carolina home
  • i believe that deer and ladybugs are my angels on earth
  • i ♥♥♥ shoes
  • i love mindless tv, 80s movies, and wasting way too much time on facebook
  • i absolutely love music- in fact, i chronicle my life by songs
  • i run so that i can eat more
  • i believe velveeta with rotel and chips constitutes a meal
  • i hate capital letters but love !!!
  • i am a libra and consider myself balanced most of the time
  • i am a big believer in finding the fun in all things
  • i am a perfectionist, but i am learning to let some things go
  • i look forward to sleeping in my own bed and drinking my own coffee after long trips

i LOVE pictures…but more importantly, i LOVE the stories they tell!  let me help you tell your story!




Leona O'Berry - JoAnna…..Frank. So good to see that you’re doing well! Monterey, how wonderful. Lived there for 6 years. Good luck and much success with your new business!

adel - yay found you! come up to the city for another walk soon and we can go eat more yummy sf food after! 😉

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