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365 | week 25 | monterey lifestyle photographer

168 | 365 firefighter i made it back to my parents’ house in the mountains…don’t worry! it’s not the building on fire! my mom and i ventured out to a great play place for the kids.  finn got to practice his firefighter skills…needless to say, i felt just a little bit safer that night!   […]

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365 | week 24 | monterey lifestyle photographer

161 | 365 wave fighters my kids were reunited with their friends from north carolina for a surprise visit at the beach.  this is my son and his friend battling the waves…they just picked up like they had seen each other the day before!   162 | 365 beach explorers here are all of the […]

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365 | week 23 | monterey lifestyle photographer

154 | 365 hiding just another picture of my two monkeys playing together…or really just trying to hide from me!   155 | 365 nighttime play session what can i say? my boy is a night owl! he could spend hours entertaining himself in his room before he feels the need to sleep. here’s hoping […]

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365 | week 22 | monterey lifestyle photographer

147 | 365 no cheese left behind please don’t judge…i let my kid chow down on doritos- right out of the bag! it’s one of his four food groups (noodles, candy, chips, and bacon)! at least he eats something!   148 | 365 market day one of the things i love about monterey is the […]

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365 | week 21 | monterey lifestyle photographer

140 | 365 table there’s only so much you can photograph at a hotel! i must admit, i was intrigued by the lines and shadows on the patio.  here is one of a picnic table at night.   141 | 365 ducks at dusk i decided to venture back to the lake and take advantage […]

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