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letters to our daughters | 2013 | monterey photographer

letters to our daughters | september | 2013

i am delighted to be a part of a new blog circle! each month we will write letters to our daughters. please be sure to follow the link after the pictures! enjoy!


Dear Maddy,

This is my first letter to you in this series…and I must admit, I was at a loss for what to write!  I thought about writing how proud I am of you (which I am). Or how I see you through my eyes. Or what you have been doing this past month. Needless to say, I was having a hard time!

Finally, I decided to get your input. I know how I see you, but I was curious to see how you see yourself. So, on a Sunday night, as I was tucking you into bed, I asked you to describe yourself in three words. Your first word was “athletic”. You told me how you love to play sports. I agreed…you are an athlete! You have a knack for picking up sports. You ran over three miles with me the other day and promised not to kill me in the process (although you did yell at me running up the hill!). You are fierce in your karate class! I love watching you with your high kicks and sharp punches…bad guys beware! You are an athlete!

For the second word, you chose “smart”. I, once again, agree with you completely! I love that you recognize this and aren’t afraid to say it. There have been times when you are frustrated at learning new skills- you’re very much like me…I want it and I want it now! It is frustrating! However, when you find yourself struggling, please think about the second word you used to describe yourself, take a deep breath, and work it out…it will be worth the effort! You are smart!

Finally, for your third word, you chose “cute”. This makes me smile…I remember the look on your face as you said this word (too bad I didn’t have my camera with me- probably one of the few times I was without it!). You are cute…you have the ability to make a funny face or say something cute, and I can’t help but smile…you lift my spirits! You are too cute!

While you were the one who came up with the words to describe yourself, I am putting them in print. So one day, down the road, if you ever lose your way…just remember: You are athletic. You are smart. You are cute. You are my everything!

I love you!



please check out my friend Heather’s blog next and see her beautiful letter to her daughters! i promise you…you will not be disappointed by these ladies- a very talented group of women…i am very fortunate to a part of this group!


Kim Pennington - So sweet. Your daughter seems like she is very joyful.

lauren - joanna… I love how real and authentic these feel… just beautiful!

Elicia - I adore these Joanna. What an awesome kiddo you have. I’m loving that funny face and the one in the grass. :)

Lala - This makes me so proud….to the point of tearing up! Please let Maddy know she is athletic, smart. but BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for documenting these truths. All I can tell you is that the apple NEVER falls far from the tree!

You BOTH make me so proud. What a privilege to just be able to be on the sidelines as an observer Love you BOTH.

Melissa - Love everything about reading this and your beautiful girl. So well put. My goddaughter is all of that and more. Love you both. Xoxo

J. Reynolds Photography - thank you, missy! lala!

J. Reynolds Photography - thank you! i agree- she is beautiful! and what can we say? we learn from the best!

kimberly - I love this letter Joanna. You have raised one wise little girl! She should be so proud of herself. I would write those words on her wall. So cool!

Linda H - JoAnna, these are beautiful images. And I love how you approached the letter – you certainly have a athletic, smart, cute daughter!!

Genesis - This is so sweet, and your daughter looks like a lot of fun!

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