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365 | week 22 | monterey lifestyle photographer

147 | 365

no cheese left behind

please don’t judge…i let my kid chow down on doritos- right out of the bag! it’s one of his four food groups (noodles, candy, chips, and bacon)! at least he eats something!


148 | 365

market day

one of the things i love about monterey is the weekly farmers’ markets. market day is even better when it’s spent with friends- eating strawberries, pizza, falafels, snow cones, and everything else they have to offer!


149 | 365


not the greatest picture, but it’s all about the memories! when a friend- who is in the process of moving- suggests buying the bottle of whipped cream vodka on sale at the mini-mart…you immediately google recipes, buy all necessary ingredients, pack a bag complete with martini glasses and shaker, and head over to said friend’s house, and shake things up! it’s things like this that help keep us somewhat sane when life seems crazy!


150 | 365

kitchen hockey

i always comment on my kids’ relationship, but they really are just that good together (for most of the time). nothing like a little kitchen hockey to pass the day away! i love all of the creative ways they play together!


151 | 365

persons for life

what makes a friendship official? clearly, it’s hanging a dollar up at a bar you visit after a farewell dinner! i knew the first night we really hung out that we would be persons for life!


152 | 365

snuggle time

i love how my son just makes himself comfortable on my husband’s lap for a little afternoon nap! my boys!


153 | 365

battle of the brim

call it a generational thing- when my daughter wears this hat, she loves the rim flat, and it drives my husband crazy! the night before, he attempted to curve it while she was in bed…resulting in this look from her! unfortunately, for my husband, she was able to flatten it right back out.  here’s to my girl…a woman who knows what she wants!

365 | week 21 | monterey lifestyle photographer

140 | 365


there’s only so much you can photograph at a hotel! i must admit, i was intrigued by the lines and shadows on the patio.  here is one of a picnic table at night.


141 | 365

ducks at dusk

i decided to venture back to the lake and take advantage of the amazing colorado skies and mountainous backdrop. i could have stayed there forever watching the ducks swim back and forth while the sun set…incredibly peaceful!


142 | 365


i finally got home and was reunited with my littles! we took a trip down to cannery row for our afternoon yogurt (or candy, for my son) and play time.  i cannot have  enough pictures of the two of them! their connection takes my breath away! if everyone felt just a fraction of the love they have for each other, the world would be a very happy place!


143 | 365

presentation time

my daughter had to do a presentation at school in front of her class. she did a presentation on the red-bellied snake. after working on the poster and speech notes with dad and practice, practice, practice….she did really well!  she spoke with a quiet confidence and was able to answer some of the questions posed by her classmates.  i was one proud mama!


144 | 365

lion jelly

yes, another jelly fish! i could watch these all day long! the fluidity with which they move just gives me a sense of awe…if only we could float through life with such ease?


145 | 365

my peeps

technically, not the best picture (but hey- i never claimed that all of my 365 pictures were going to be great!). here are three of my peeps! we ventured down to the wharf and custom house to partake in the calamari and squid festival- complete with face painting- and arm painting! not a bad way to spend the day with my family.


146 | 365


i love the joy in my son’s face as he was able to outrun another set of waves washing up on the shore…oh, to be young again and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


full circle | july 2013 | monterey lifestyle photographer

full circle | july 2013 | mobile phones

hello! this month, we explored the category of mobile phones. i used to play around a lot with my iPhone- it’s always on me and takes really good pictures. plus, these days, there are so many apps you can use to create some amazing works of art!

i used my phone to take these pictures after church one day this month.  all of the editing was done on my phone (minor tweaks with sharpness on my computer…the phone screen is just a tad smaller!). without further ado…

please go full circle when you’re done! be sure to check out my friend kayla’s interpretation when you’re through!


Kayla Rochelle - I love these photos! They speak such volumes! I can’t believe these are all phone images!

full circle | june 2013 | monterey lifestyle photographer

full circle | june 2013 | shallow depth of field

this month’s blog circle theme was shallow depth of field.  here are a few from my vacation! when you have finished here, please check out my friend, Kayla, and her take on this month’s topic!  be sure to go full circle!

when we go to the beach, we love taking some time to stroll up and down the coast looking for sea glass and shark’s teeth.   the first two pictures are from my daughter teaching her aunt how to look for shark’s teeth and some of the finds!


this is just a picture that i liked from a family friend’s garden after the rain…something i miss about summer showers!


thank you for looking! please take the full circle!



Deb Moll - These images are so pretty and creative! The flower almost has an abstract feeling to it. Nice job, like always.

f a c e b o o k