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full circle | april 2013 | monterey lifestyle photographer

full circle | april 2013 | looking through glass

welcome to this month’s full circle post! this month’s theme was looking through glass.  i decided to make use of my time in philadelphia and shoot through my hotel window as well as some shots when i was out walking around south street.  be sure to check out my friend Deb’s take on this month’s challenge…and make sure you go the full circle!

Deb - These are some seriously cool shots! I especially love the reflections and layers in the photo of the blooming trees. You nailed this challenge!

Katie Myrick - Joanna..I always look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m never disappointed. Totally gorgeous and unique!

365 | week 16 | monterey lifestyle photographer

105 | 365


i decided to take the camera out on my walk to the local gelato store…i love the lines and lights of the city at night!

106 | 365


yes, i’ll admit it…it was late and i needed my picture!  i decided to play around with the reflection and the window though- something a little different.  i like how it turned out!


107 | 365

frontyard gymnastics

nothing like being gone for 10 days for your kids to want your attention AND let you take their pictures! here is my daughter displaying her incredible headstand talent!


108 | 365


we are very fortunate in our neighborhood location- not only do we have a soccer field and park, we have a sand pit!  my daughter was pretty determined to get to china! she kept telling me she reached the “orange dirt”- you know you’re deep when the color changes!


109 | 365

tatted up!

so sweet but so tough! my son took full advantage of his teacher’s farewell party and the temporary tattoos she brought in to help celebrate!


110 | 365


my son was in much need of a haircut.  we finally got around to it today.  he did fine during the haircut; however, once we got home, he was very concerned…he thought it looked bad!  i’ll admit it, i did have them cut a little bit shorter so his hair was not as curly.  i knew it would grow back soon though.  before attending an afternoon birthday party, we attempted to activate his curls by using beach spray and then just washing it!  who knew a five year old boy would care so much?


111 | 365

cell phones on a budget

i couldn’t resist!  this is pretty much as close to a cell phone of their own that they will have for a long time!



365 | week 15 | monterey lifestyle photographer

98 | 365

morning lights

i will admit it…i was tired this week- hence low in creativity! so, i took an awful amount of pictures of lights out of my hotel room this week! still going though….


99 | 365

night lights

another perspective from my room at night!


100 | 365

city streets at night

took it to the street in front of my hotel…venturing out a little more!


101 | 365

pretty lights

yes…some more blurry lights from my hotel room!  i love the colors though!


102 | 365

south street

finally…shooting with a purpose!  i was so excited this night.  i had the opportunity to meet up with a woman that i have been with in several on-line classes.  we met up for dinner and then headed out to south street in philadelphia for a night shoot! it was just what i needed!


103 | 365


i was fascinated by the bike parked out front and decided to play around with it.  i like how it stands still in the hustle and bustle of the city.  i’m thinking that i need to venture out and try this with even more movement… maybe next time!


104 | 365

girls’ nite in

one of those nights that i just needed to chill.  what a better way to do that than with a good friend, ice cream, and chick flicks?  love my girls’ nites!



365 | week 14 | monterey lifestyle photographer

91 | 365

support system

i almost forgot to take a picture for the day…so, i quickly grabbed the camera and headed outside to photograph one of my front yard trees that i seem to enjoy photographing these days! i loved the light- as well as the sticks supporting the tree…just reminded me of how important it is to have a support system to grow and thrive!


92 | 365


i convinced the kids to let me take pictures of them throwing their paratroopers from the upstairs landing!


93 | 365

battle ready

my son likes to put on my daughter’s sparring gear and walk around…he’s almost convinced to actually take karate!


94 | 365

foot war

my monkeys battling it out on the couch!


95 | 365

cereal…it’s what’s for dinner

yeah…not much in the house and not motivated to do much else! my inner child was greatly appreciative!


96 | 365

painted windows

when i flew into the philadelphia windows, i noticed these windows that had these cityscapes painted on them…couldn’t help busting out my camera to take pictures.  i could’ve taken more since it took a bit longer than expected at baggage claim!


97 | 365


i believe i read somewhere that today was national beer day…maybe that’s why we were having dinner at a tap house!

365 | week 13 | monterey lifestyle photographer

84 | 365


we spent the day at the lowry zoo in tampa. for a few dollars, you can feed the giraffes! well worth the money spent to be up close and personal with these amazing animals! he definitely made me smile!


85 | 365

boy time

before facing the house of women, my husband and son bonded over an episode of power rangers!


86 | 365

big boy bike

it was only a matter of time! he mastered the balance bike, and thanks to a friend’s dad…my son decided it was time to ride! we watched excitedly from the window before running outside (in pajamas) to congratulate the rider! it’s like he’s been doing it for years already!


87 | 365


my sister came to town for a visit. since we moved to the west coast, we don’t get to see her as often as we would like. so, we were very lucky to have her out here to celebrate her birthday. this is at one of our favorite breakfast spots…with full bellies and happy hearts!


88 | 365


the kids convinced us to hang out at the beach for a bit. armed with hot coffee and my camera, i was happy to shoot away as these two played in surf and the sand- totally worth the sand everywhere!


89 | 365

happy eater!

i couldn’t pass this up! my daughter accidentally left out the “s” on her egg, but it made me laugh! one of my biggest downfalls is Easter candy- so this egg totally spoke to me! i was a happy eater indeed!


90 | 365


i wish i could get my kids to don the fancy Easter clothes, but that’s just not them! as you can see, this is one of my daughter’s favorite outfits (not the first time i’ve posted pictures of her in it…probably not the last you’ll see of it!). also, take note…my son is wearing the flash costume underneath his clothes. the Easter bunny was kind enough to bring him a new costume- and it would have taken another Easter miracle to get him out of it! happy compromise! this is definitely my life…and i love it!

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