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full circle | march 2013 | monterey lifestyle photographer

full circle | march 2013 | interesting perspectives

this month’s challenge was interesting perspectives…here are my pictures.

please be sure to check out my friend katie’s site when you’re done and complete the full circle!

Katie - I LOVE the lensbaby shots.. What lensbaby do you have? I also really really like the city shot with the black bars and the person walking up in the corner.. that one takes the cake for being my favorite! awesome job!

J. Reynolds Photography - hi katie! sorry for the late reply! i have the composer pro with the sweet 35 optic! love it! thank you so much for your kind words!

365 | week 12 | monterey lifestyle photographer

77 | 365


funny thing- i think the look my son is giving is from my camera…not his sweet sister whom he absolutely adores!


78 | 365

aaahhh…spring break!

made it to florida! what’s the first thing the kids do? check the pool temperature!


79 | 365

new york, new york

took advantage of being in tampa…went to the Yankee vs. Red Sox spring training baseball game! so much fun! my peeps dancing along with frank’s song blaring in the stadium post-game.


80 | 365

girl time

the girls after a dip in the pool, checking out the latest trends in comic books!


81 | 365


my kids, my Goddaughter, and my bestest friend! i don’t blame my son for keeping his distance…those girls are crazy! (on a side note- this picture was taken from the couch, where i stayed all day…love being sick on vacation- boo!)


82 | 365


my daughter and my Goddaughter sharing secrets in their matching “Cali” t-shirts. despite the fact that we live on opposite sides of the country and don’t see each other too much, these two were the best of buddies! it was so much fun to just watch them play- tiring but lots of fun!


83 | 365

papa’s swing

i had the opportunity to go over to my best friend’s grandparents’ house- one i visited back in high school.  i got to take pictures of four generations. this is just one picture of my goddaughter hanging out on papa’s swing.



365 | week 11 | monterey lifestyle photographer

70 | 365


i woke up to a foggy morning…inspired by other students in my fine arts class, i decided to venture out to my front yard in the fog and see what i could find! i loved this tree in the fog so much, i took pictures of it for the next three days!


71 | 365

bird on beach

trying to find inspiration for my fine arts class, i hit the beach! i chased several of these little birds around trying to get it just right…before freezing!


72 | 365


my little man! i love how putting on a costume and create a whole new world for him! i love to watch him fly!


73 | 365


you thought i was lying about taking pictures of the same tree for days??? here it is again from a different perspective!


74 | 365

love | written in stone

i ventured out to another beach and found a bunch of drawings on the sides of the cliffs…this is one:


75 | 365

new sheriff in town

he likes to think he rules the roost….and let’s be honest, sometimes he does!


76 | 365


caught my daughter immersed in one of her many electronic toys…i suppose i should get used to this- teenage years will be here before i know it!


365 | week ten | monterey lifestyle photographer

63 | 365


self portrait.


64 | 365

hotel livin’

this is what i look like on any given night when i’m in philadelphia for work…laptop, bed, mindless tv in the background.


65 | 365


picked up the kids early from school when i got home.  we went to the mall for a snack and a quick trip to the toy store- thankfully, we only walked away with gumballs!


66 | 365

comfort zones

this is my daughter trying on dresses for a wedding we are going to in may….this is so out of her comfort zone!  she zoomed over from the other side of the store to get this dress, and she liked it on…i think she liked how it looked  and felt when she twirled- what girl doesn’t like that?!


67 | 365


this is what i get from my son when i get the camera out!  at least i finally got a picture of the indentations on his lower back and his sweet, little piggies!


68 | 365

when i grow up…

my daughter drew this for me.  i’m not sure if she’s looking long term- or just trying to make a subtle hint that i need to look into the scuba diving classes for kids at the aquarium!


69 | 365

movie day

i love being able to spend the afternoon at the movies with my kids! nothing beats movie theater popcorn, candy, and my son snuggling on my lap thirty minutes into the movie!

full circle | february 2013 | monterey lifestyle photographer

full circle | february 2013 | food

this month’s theme was food.  i wasn’t really sure the perspective i wanted to use for this month’s theme….but after looking back on some of the pictures i have taken this month, i recalled a discussion i have had numerous times with my husband.

my husband and i often debate about food.  he says that he wouldn’t mind just taking a pill instead of having to eat meals (some of the time)….i, on the other hand, absolutely love food- perhaps a little too much!  but what i really love about food is the opportunity it provides to reconnect with family and friends.  i love celebrating a birthday dinner with those i love most.   i love chatting about everyday issues and the latest episode of the bachelor over breakfast with a friend.  i love being silly and donning the sombrero, towel sarape, and fake mustaches for taco tuesdays.  i love spending an early afternoon with a bowl of yogurt and hearing what is going on in my daughter’s life.  or just having a quiet breakfast with a friend where nothing even needs to be said.


so…here’s to food- nourishing my soul in so many ways! bon appetit!  (please be sure to check out deb’s blog when you are done…link at the bottom)


please be sure to follow the blogs full circle…next up is my friend deb! click here to check her take on last month’s subject!

February ClickinMoms Food Challenge | Barbara Shoop Photography - […] now, see what JoAnna has photographed for this month and be sure to click through the entire blog […]

Mickisha - What beautiful images of your life! I love the sombrero and Taco Tuesday–what a fun idea! The traditions and memories we make with our loved ones over food are so wonderful!

Deb Moll - These are wonderful photos, JoAnna! I loved your comments about food helping us connect with loved ones. You’ve definitely captured that component. Signed, another Bachelor junkie :)

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